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Recipe for Success

Adapted, with permission, from an article by Wayne Goldsmith
First published in 'Swimming' July 2003

Training may not make you taller, lengthen your arms or web your toes, but it can change you into an efficient, effective and energetic swimming machine. All you need is the secret formula. Here, exclusively for you, is the secret formula for turning yourself into a swimming machine:


  • Great technique
  • Excellent skills
  • A positive attitude, especially in the tough times
  • A sensible balanced diet
  • A balanced approach to life with school, family, friends and swimming in the right mix
  • The determination to train hardand give it your best
  • The desire to be the best that you can be
  • The confidence to believe that anything is possible

Add all the ingredients and mix well together
Apply to your body and mind daily until you acheive your goals