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FHS Fees for 2023


Annual Membership Fee £55.00 Annually

Pool Fees paid by Standing Order £35.00 Monthly

If you have multiple siblings we understand the cost of supporting them through their chosen activities can get quite daunting. FHS cannot reduce the membership fees - but we can help out with the monthly pool fees. The first and second swimmers are charged at full price, the third is half price and any subsequent siblings are free of charge.



The annual membership fees covers administration costs, insurance and swimmer registration with the Swim England which runs January to December.

Because this fee is used to fund the Swim England registration, it is important that this is paid before the middle of February in order to allow your child to continue swimming.

Registrations submitted after February will still be charged at full price and will still expire at the end of the year. Your child will not be able to participate in galas until the registration has completed processing within Swim England.


Pool Fees

This fee is to cover the pool hire charges and is a running fee averaged over a year. We will temporarily waive these fees for special circumstances on a case by case basis - unfortunately, this does not include time away from training for holidays etc. Sessions are held continuously throughout the year with closures over Christmas, Easter Bank Holiday and August Bank Holiday. Ad hoc sessions are cancelled when the pool is booked for external competitions, if these are open we will aim to attend.


Staffing Fees

Please note, all of our staff work on a voluntary basis.

No coaches or administrative members take any finance from the club.

The club will however, pay for coaches passes to galas where we have swimmers participating and training courses required by the pool or Swim England.  Training courses are undertaken utilising the individuals own time.

CPDs, which are now an ongoing requirement to maintain qualifications will be paid in full by FHS funds as long as the focus is directly beneficial to the club members.

Excess Funds

Any funding left over may be used to provide extra sessions available to all swimmers, provide end-of-year fun sessions, part-finance gala entries, provide uniforms for the coaches / poolside helpers etc.