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Time Trials Update

We were hoping to hold our time trials on Friday 10th December, however as we have unable to get the timers and blocks available at the pool in time, we have postponed this event until the New Year.  Forms will come out to parents nearer the time.

We have been taking times recently to give us an indication of how the children have been progressing, in preparation for the trials.  These times will be kept and used to work out the races in the future.


Time Trials

We are aiming to run a Time Trial at the end of this year - on the 10th December 2010.

We know that we missed the one during the summer, but we simply did not think it would be fair to spring it on you as soon as we were able to swim again.

The event will be similar format to the ones we ran last year, whereby all swimmers will be given the opportunity to gain times for each of the strokes, as well as an individual medley.

This even will be held at Uxbridge pool, as long as we can get confirmation from the pool management. As this is a 25m pool, we will be asking to use their wallboard timing system to get very accurate times. As such we may be asking for a minimal fee of £1 per swimmer to partially cover the extra costs of the timing.

We will be confirming the time trials later this month, and will issue entry forms as soon as the details are finalised.

We look forward to seeing you all there!



Distance Trial

On the Wednesday 10th of November 2010 at 7:00pm - we intend to run a distance trial event at Botwell. This will be limited by place numbers, so please make your interest known to Charlotte as soon as possible.

Swimmers will have the opportunity to find out just how far they can swim without stopping within an hour.

Swimmers will be allowed to swim as long and as far as they want (*within the hour), but when they stop - that will be the end of their swim. We will record the number of lengths and the time taken. We can then use this as a basis for awarding distance certificates (and badges if they so wish) as well as giving an indication of general condition.


Swimmer Groups

In order to provide better training for each of the swimmers, we have decided that it is time to formally group the swimmers together with swimmers of a similar ability.

We are proposing four groups, initially called groups one, two, three and four - we intend to run a member competition next year to chose better names.

Group Name Description Coach
Group 1 Senior swimmers Les Donohoe
Group 2 Junior Swimmers Iain Henderson
Group 3 New Starters Iain Henderson
Group 4 Learn to swim Darren Lewis

Each group will have a single Coach who has been assigned overall responsibility for the swimmers in this group. If there any questions regarding plans and progress - they should be directed at the responsible coach.


Back to Basics

After taking a long hard look at the development of swimmers within FHS, and liaising with Dave Hemmings (Head Coach, Hillingdon Borough Squad) - FHS has comitted to a development training plan that will enable all swimmers to better achieve their full potential.

In order to do this, there are some fundamental areas in the swimmers technique that require attention before we can progress futher. To this end, most of the training sets towards the end of 2009 and a majority of the sets in early 2010 will concentrate on the basic swimming requirements for a competetive swimmer.

We plan to develop progressive sessions that will start on a Friday, continue on a Sunday and conclude on a Monday session. The wednesday session is a later session and is attended by more of our senior swimmers and as such, we will leave this for endurance, stamina and fitness.

If you wish to improve, we would ask that you do your best to attend at least two of these three core sessions regularly so that the full benefit of the training plan can be enjoyed.